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Whiskey Bottle

I tried to establish a new Packshot render workflow. I first modeled the bottle in Blender, then used Illustrator to create the alpha for embossing the bottle.
After that I exported it inside Substance Painter 2 to fake the bottom of the bottle and to create the inks properties of the label (color, glossiness etc.).
Then I set up a basic lighting system in Blender with an HDRI from HDRI Haven, two spot lights and 1 backlight reflector.

It's a v2, I've tweaked the material of the bottle and the material of the label to make this more photorealistic and adding a few artefacts present in photography.

Christophe delahaye front small

Whisky Bottle - Front view

Christophe delahaye back small

Whisky Bottle - Back view

Christophe delahaye top

Top - 100% view

Christophe delahaye whiskey

Embossing - 100% view

Christophe delahaye paper

Label logo - 100% view